Fun Downloads for Halloween!

Ideas for Halloween Kids’ Yoga Fun!

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Grab a copy of the book “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson and tie it to movement and yoga poses for extra fun and exercise!

Suggested Poses:

Witch: Modified Lunge (Find full instructions in my free download of Halloween Poses above)

Cat: Traditional Cat-Cow Yoga Spine Stretches (find full instructions in my free download)

Dog: Traditional Downward Dog Pose

Frog: Modified Malasana Pose (or a basic low squat with hop)

Bird: Find Instructions for my Bat Pose in my free download, which works great for a bird as well!

Tumbling Down: Rock and Roll–Tuck Into a small ball, keep chin close to chest and carefully roll on to your back. Then use your strong tummy muscles to rock back to a seated position. Repeat a few times.

Dragon: Lion’s Breath

Beast: Extended Mountain, Palms to Touch

Broom with Seats: Traditional Chair Pose

*All rights reserved to Little Twisters Yoga. Must have your own copy of the book for the full tie-in. The yoga suggestions are not affiliated with the author or publisher. To be used for personal or educational purposes only. None of the content or pictures may be posted online or shared without prior written consent.