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Welcome! Here you will find helpful videos and products for beginning a yoga adventure at home.

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Get started with 5 Foundation Poses! (Ages 3+)

6 Beginner Yoga Poses for Kids:

Grab a copy of my printable Beginner Yoga Cards:

Children’s Yoga Printables–12 Fun Beginner Poses!
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These fun intro-to-yoga printables are filled with lovable poses of all things kids love (animals, airplanes, stars…)! They are perfect for even the youngest of children (ages 2+), and include traditional poses, modified to be age appropriate, with bright pictures and fun names, along with easy-to-follow instructions.  No prior experience with yoga needed! Packet includes tons of helpful tips for introducing yoga to children, 12-printable half-page yoga cards, as well as full-page photos of each pose with verbal prompts to use as posters or display on your smartboard/favorite electronic device. Poses included: Butterfly, Frog, Dog, Cat, Cow, Mouse, Star, Tree, Airplane, Bridge, Happy Baby, and Belly Breathing!

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Free Printables:

Heart Mudra

The Mixed Up Chameleon Activity

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