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Printable Kids Yoga Cards for Beginners:

Intro to Children’s Yoga–12 Fun Beginner Poses for Ages 2+
Add to CartPrice: $5.00

These fun beginner kids yoga cards are filled with lovable poses of all things kids love (animals, airplanes, stars…)! They are perfect for even the youngest of children (ages 2+), and include traditional poses, modified to be age appropriate, with bright photographs and fun names, along with easy-to-follow instructions.  No prior experience with yoga needed! Packet includes tons of helpful tips for introducing yoga to children, 12-large (half-sheet) printable kids yoga cards, as well as full-page posters of each pose with verbal prompts. Print them for home use, classroom stations, or therapy, or open the PDF on your electronic device for kids yoga-on-the-go! Poses included: Butterfly, Frog, Dog, Cat, Cow, Mouse, Star, Tree, Airplane, Bridge, Happy Baby, and Belly Breathing!

Themed Yoga Sequences for Kids:

Ocean Adventure–A Guided Kids Yoga Sequence with Printable Cards and Real Photos! (Ages 4+)Add to CartPrice: $5.00

Let’s head to the beach for some yoga fun! This guided Kids Yoga adventure sequence includes 12 individual poses with large photographs and easy-to-follow instructions. Designed with printable kids yoga task cards (half-page cards, back-to-back with photos and instructions), along with large full-page photos of each yoga pose for smart boards or classroom posters. Poses include a boat, shark, whale, seahorse, sandcastle and more (12 total)! Kid Tested and loved! PreK-2nd Graders.

Energizing Kids Yoga Routine Bundle (Includes Both the “Summer Nature Hike” and “Surfing Adventure” Yoga Sequences) Printable Kids Yoga Cards with Instructions (Ages 4+)Add to CartPrice: $6.00

The download includes two fun energizing yoga sequences following summer themes (a Nature Hike, and a Surfing Adventure),  and are specifically selected due to their energizing, strengthening and aerobic benefits. Poses are kid-friendly and adapted for Ages 4-10. The packet includes step-by-step instructions and large photographs of each pose in action. Poses are based on traditional yoga poses, but modified to be age-appropriate and kid-friendly. Children will act out fun adventures with poses such as hiking, waterfalls, surfing, summing, and more!

Kids “Shapes” Yoga–Geometry with Movement (Ages 4+)Add to CartPrice: $5.00

This packet includes 6 movement task cards (and matching full-page posters) with REAL photos of the poses, helping students to create geometric shapes with their bodies through traditional yoga poses.  Bonus: Includes a new rocketship tie in. Students will use the 6 shapes to “build” a rocket ship and blast into outer space. Script and printable template included!

A set of 10 fun farm-themed kids yoga poses with real photographs and easy to follow instructions. Use them at home or in the classroom. Includes 10 half-sheet double-sided cards and 10 full-page posters. Ages 3+

Farm-Themed Kids Yoga Cards:Add to CartPrice: $5.00

Kids Yoga Journal & Mindfulness Activity Packet:

The PDF packet includes (10) unique Guided Journaling Pages & Yoga-Themed Writing/Coloring Exercises to complement your children’s yoga lessons! Use as individual exercises, or compile selected pages and the optional cover for an ongoing Student Yoga Journal. Adds a focused reflection and writing component to your movement session and really helps develop increased body-awareness and self-regulating tools through calm mindful journaling and individual progress tracking and goal setting. Add to CartPrice: $6.00


Happy Tummy Yoga--FREEBIE!

Happy Tummy Yoga–FREEBIE!

Click here to download

These yoga cards target the stomach and digestive systems, helping to relieve gas bubbles, help with constipation, and alleviate tummy pain for our youngest of friends. (Toddlers on up!). Easy-to-follow, with full color pictures of the pose in action, and fun names (Frog, Happy Baby and Mouse Pose), your child is sure to love doing yoga, and feel much better afterwards! Simply print the yoga cards back-to-back, cut them out, and you are ready to go. No other materials needed. Packet includes parent tips and helpful verbal cues. Appropriate for beginners!