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What does our Little Twisters Yoga look like for kids? 

Little Twisters Yoga provides a fun and engaging experience for children ages 2+ to playfully move their bodies following both traditional yoga poses (modified to be age appropriate, of course, with easy-to-remember names), coupled with lots of creative movements, imitating nature and animals, and nourishing both the body and mind. The program teaches strength, balance, breathing, focus, (and yes, even some calming techniques along with the fun!), and has tons of healthy benefits–but all your children will know is how much they enjoy moving and stretching! Set to music, and with the help of fun books, props, crafts and games, your children’s imaginations will come to life and they will love “playing” yoga.


What it IS:

  • FUN & PLAYFUL!!!!
  • Inspires creativity and imagination (and a love of books, as many of my lessons are tied to popular children’s stories).
  • Helps Strengthen the Body, Improves Coordination, Enhances Concentration & Focus
  • Teaches Self-Regulating Tips and Emotional Intelligence (how to calm the body, positive ways to reduce stress and frustration through breathing and relaxation techniques, etc.)
  • Gets kids moving in new and creative ways, and provides a foundation of healthy poses that can be done anywhere, and throughout one’s life.

What it is NOT/Does NOT do:

  • Does Not require perfection. Corrections are only made if students are in danger of injuring themselves or others. We focus on the inclusion of all children (who are typically ages 2-8), from all ability- and experience-levels, and encourage joy and fun throughout each pose and activity.
  • It is not traditional Adult yoga. We play, we use our imagination, we include fun props, music and books, and we encourage (safe) silliness! 🙂
  • Our program is not a spiritual practice. There are no spiritual or religious elements included in my classes or lessons/materials. I think of my children’s yoga as a fun children’s activity/exercise that allows us to do good things for our bodies and minds, all while…wait for it…HAVING FUN! Some interesting food for thought in this article.

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